On May 26th I found out that I passed my certification exam and in that moment 18 months of training was complete. I am now a CPCC, a certified, qualified, fresh and excited new coach.

This journey has been profound. In November 2019 curiosity led me to the first CTI course and I was immediately intrigued. I had little idea about what coaching was, but I had always felt pulled in the direction of a helping profession. Many moons ago I had planned to become an Art Therapist, then a Drama Therapist and despite taking classes and reading voraciously around the subject, life had other plans. I had two children. I taught Drama and then English, we moved…a lot. I raised a family, taught in 10 schools and in the past 15 years have taught and mentored hundreds of young adults. When I look back, it seems it was all leading me here, right here, where I am meant to be.

It has been a lot of work, both in the coaching and being coached, the study and the intense courses but also the work of growing as a person. I grew me. I got to know me. In order to do the work for my clients I had to do the work first. I’ve met so many extraordinary people. I cried in front of strangers, got vulnerable in public, met my tribe. I coached people in person, over zoom, in four continents, of all ages.  I had to set aside the negative and self-limiting beliefs that said  ‘who was I to think I could do this?”. Now I feel like I have walked in these shoes for long enough that they are beginning to feel comfortable. I wear the coach badge with honour. I can do this. I am good at this. I have the skills, the power and the passion to be a great coach. And I am so honoured and ready to help people find the magic that lives inside of them.

Wise words:

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.

Laurie Buchanan.

One thought on “Celebrating

  1. Dear Samantha.

    A journey worth taking, well done, you have everything one needs to be an excellent coach.



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