what my clients say

Right from our first session, Samantha helped me find my ideas from within to gain control of my aspirations as a mother, a teacher, and writer. Her kind and careful questions helped unearth barriers in my thinking that were preventing me from harnessing and owning my time. I now have more quality time with my children, accomplish more as a teacher, and I am dedicating significant time each week towards writing my novel. 

Catherine Marshall, Singapore

Samantha’s insight and empathy were a true gift when I reached a crossroads in my life. She showed me that I already knew the answer to my dilemma, I just hadn’t recognized or articulated it. With nuanced questions and patience she gave me clarity and the courage to take the risk that I had been circling for too long. I will definitely turn to her again when I need help to untangle my thoughts or a nudge to make a decision.

Clare Gillsater, Copenhagen

Since starting my coaching journey with Samantha I have taken on a new promotion, commenced further study and pursued my creative passion in photography.  Working with Samantha has provided me with the right level of support and accountability.  Through focused and insightful questioning Samantha has found a way for me to reconnect with my inner values, strengths and confidence enabling me to  identify  my personal and professional ambitions and take action.  Most importantly, her coaching has enabled me to start to grow in self-confidence and self-love and empowered me to channel my energy into meaningful and personal pursuits. 

Winson Coe, Singapore

After just one session Samantha helped me gain a level of clarity and awareness that was unfamiliar to me. I now see how so many of my opinions about myself, my capabilities and my decisions were based upon my perceptions of what others thought or might think . This made any decision making process so difficult, as I anguished over what was the right thing to do, whilst I wrestled with self doubt and fear of making the wrong decision. Over the course of the four sessions I became more familiar with my inner voice and what she needs and wants. It’s really helped me to make some life changing decisions and to be confident that I can take the next step.  It’s very reassuring to know that anytime I can reconnect with Samantha and she will listen without judgment or opinion; but instead ask the questions that help me listen to myself. 

Jane O’Leary, Uganda

Samantha’s coaching has been a wonderful way for me to open my mind, work through difficult times, and break through to bigger parts of myself and my purpose. Her insight and guiding questions have been nothing short of beautiful, and truly enlightening. Sam has helped me get myself to a much better place in my mind as well as on my path in life. I am very thankful to have found such a shining soul to help me navigate my path, recenter myself, and take a deeper look into my big picture life purpose. 

Kailea, Canada

Samantha has been a great inspiration to me and has taught me how to make decisions that are true to who I am. Her coaching has allowed me to discover so many truths about myself and the world around me. I always feel refreshed and inspired after a coaching session with her. The most important lesson she has taught me is how to trust my intuitions and honour the creative passions I have. Thank you for all the work you do!

Charlotte, Canada