My story

Every coach has a journey, a story that led them here. This is mine.

The hardest question I am ever asked is ‘where are you from?’ Not only because it involves a long and quite convoluted tale of moving and living in 12 countries, but also because it reminds me that the whole concept of home is a strange one fraught with anxiety. My default setting is restless. This means I have often avoided being completely present with myself. I was raised with so much change around me and this has continued throughout my life and I find being still is a mental and physical struggle. In my many moves, many jobs and with the merry go round of faces who came in an out of my life my head spun and I’ve said goodbye more times than I can count. I was always distracted, dissatisfied and was looking over my shoulder or into the future wondering what would come next.

When I moved to Singapore in 2018, my 12th country, I hit a wall. My ‘nest; was empty with my daughters thousands of miles away in Canada, my family was in the UK and the US, I was reunited with my husband after living and commuting apart for 2 years, and I was about to start all over again. I felt untethered, tired and depleted.  I started work at my 8th school; a highly academic and driven institution and with this I began to feel like I was a cog in an educational machine.

During the first couple of months at the new job, an opportunity came up to join an in-house coaching program as a client. This was the first time in a long time I felt an inner bell ringing, and I realized that there were other ways of making a difference in this ‘educational machine’. I wanted to continue my journey in this new world, and commenced my training with CTI to become a coach.

This journey would not only lead me to help my clients discover their most powerful selves, but would also help me to find that home had been within me all along. As a coach I am driven to help you find your powerful inner leader, to be guided by your own values, and to find concrete ways to remove blocks that are standing in the way of the life you deserve.