Your Journey Begins Here

Coaching with Samantha will unlock what you already know but can’t access because it is clouded by life and noise. It will be transformative and you will get to know yourself better than you ever have. Let me be your confidant, your guide and your coach to help you get unstuck, discover what is next and to find the magic that lives inside you.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

Samantha Chesler studied Law and Art History at UCL followed by a B.Ed. at Mcgill University. She is a CTI certified coach, a STRIDE and DISC trained Mentor and has worked in education as a head of department, teacher, coach and mentor in many international schools. She has training in emotion coaching with the Gottman Institute and in Positive Intelligence. She is also a photographer and award winning blogger, mother of two daughters and has lived and worked in 12 countries. You can listen to an interview with Samantha on a podcast here .

Samantha has been recognized as one of the Top Communication Coaches by Coach Foundation.

What I offer

Coaching will begin with a free, one-time ‘chemistry session’ to discover if coaching with me will suit you. Get in touch to book your free chemistry session now.

One-on-One Coaching:

  • A discovery session
  • 10 hour long sessions
  • Option to extend
  • Student and youth discount

One-on-One Coaching: Education

  • Coaching for schools
  • Tailor made coaching for teaching staff
  • Coaching for students and parents
  • Special prices for schools

Group and Workshops

  • Curatorial process and organizational customization
  • Tailored to organizational goals
  • Non-profit discount

What my clients say

Samantha is a great listener, and a caring and encouraging coach.  One of my most important takeaways from the sessions with her is that there are many sources of joy and that love is not scarce – I just need to let down the walls that are blocking them from entering my life.  Her questions and the homework made me think deeper about what makes me tick, clarify my needs and values, and encourage me to take ownership of my life. I stay in my head too much, and the exercises we did during the sessions helped me connect with my bodily wisdom and senses.  Indeed, the resources and answers are often within us, and Samantha has supported me to gain access to them.  I encourage those who too want to tap into all that energy and creativity to embark on coaching with Samantha – a journey of seeing possibilities and the beauty inside of you. 

Elaine Tang, Hong Kong

I began working with Samantha when embarking on a significant life adjustment; changing jobs, country and relationship. Rather than lugging all my recurring negative patterns with me Samantha helped me unpack the items which were holding me back in life, and instead reflect on my positive strengths and skills.  Like many in leadership positions, I often felt overwhelmed with other people’s problems and the weight of what needed to be achieved but having sessions with Samantha enabled me to take a fresh look at situations, unclutter the obstacles and clarify goals. I am certain that her skills at career coaching not only help me but ricocheted off all those around me. Every session I have looked forward to eagerly as they were the opportunity to stop, reflect and breath- such a privilege in our fast-paced world. Samantha created the space and opportunity to be truly listened to and she gently pushed me out of my comfort zone to dig deep, find solutions and recalibrate.  Thank you for your care and commitment. I will forever be truly grateful.  

Laura Higgs, Zambia

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